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Bag house and spark arrestor Manufactured to:
ISO compliance CWB compliance
OSHA compliance NFPA
EPA compliance

Ultra-Flow dust collector

Dust Collection

Dust Collectors

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NEW and Unique Advanced Technology
  • Baghouse; compact and large
  • Cartridge (pleated bag) dust collectors
  • Wet dust collector / Wet Scrubber
  • Downdraft and Mobile Dust Collectors
  • Most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in the world
  • Best dollar value on the market
  • Lowest operating and maintenance cost
  • Reduced fire and explosion hazards

Quencher spark arrestor

Spark Arrestor

Quencher Spark Arrestor

Standard Quencher

Mini-Quencher spark arrestor

New Mini-Quencher for vacuum lines

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  • ESSENTIAL for welding, grinding, plasma / laser cutting, furnaces, boilers, flamespray, torch cutting, foundry
  • IN-LINE device, easy to install and use.
  • EXTINGUISHES and cools sparks and burning embers.
  • PREVENTS fires and explosions in dust collection systems.
  • MOST EFFECTIVE technology first discovered in the 1960's and re-engineered by QAM in 2003-2004.

UNIQUE Retrofits

Environmentally friendly solutions

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  • Retrofit existing dust collectors to the latest technology
    • Reduce dust emissions by 90% or more
    • Lower power consumption by 25-40%
    • Lower operating cost by up to 75%
    • Increase filter life by 50-80%, service and use half as many filter elements

Troubleshooting, Consulting

Environmentally friendly solutions

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  • Troubleshooting Dust Collection System problems
  • Custom System Design and Engineering Service
Retrofit Service

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