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Bag house and spark arrestor
All parts are US flag Canadian flag  Manufactured toISO complianceCWB compliance OSHA complianceNFPA EPA compliance

This is Quality Air Management

Ultra-Flow Dust Collector   Dust Collection           eenvironmentally friendly

NEW and Unique Advanced Technology

  • Baghouse; compact and large
  • Cartridge style dust collectors
  • Wet Dust Collector (Wet Air Scrubber)
  • Downdraft and Portable dust collectors
  • Most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in the world.
  • Best dollar value on the market.
  • Lowest operating and maintenance cost.
  • Reduced fire and explosion hazards.
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Dust Collectors

Quencher    Spark Arrestor

  • Essential for welding, grinding, plasma/laser cutting, furnaces, boilers, flame spray, torch cutting, foundry
  • "Original" model for 6" to 84"+ ducting, "Mini" model for 2" to 4" vacuum lines, "Cell only" model for oversized ducts.
  • IN-LINE device, easy to install and use.
  • EXTINGUISHES and cools sparks and burning embers.
  • PREVENTS fires and explosions in dust collection systems.
  • MOST EFFECTIVE technology, first discovered in the 1960's and re-engineered by QAM in 2003-2004.
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Quencher Spark Arrestor


On August 20, 2013, The USPTO issued an Office Action on a patent re-exam requested by Quality Air Management, rejecting all claims made by Blender Products Inc for the two patents regarding spark suppression devices, including the Spark Cooler. The rejection is based on existing prior art, including the Quencher spark arrestor, which rendered the devices as unpatentable.

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Retrofit and Consulting   QAM Services

Environmentally Friendly Solutions to Airborne Pollution

  • Custom System Design and Engineering Service
  • Consulting and Troubleshooting Dust Collection System problems
  • Retrofit Existing Dust Collectors to the Latest Technology
    • REDUCE dust emissions by 90% or more.
    • LOWER power consumption by 25-40%.
    • LOWER operating cost by up to 75%.
    • INCREASE filter life by 50-80%, service and use half the filter elements.
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Baghouse Retrofit
Major operating problems resolved at papermill; filter blinding, very high maintenance

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