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Bag house and spark arrestor

NEWEST Advanced Technology:

  • Ultra-Flow vs typical collectors
  • Highest Efficiency
  • Smallest footprint
  • Low purchase price
  • Lowest operating cost
  • Lowest maintenance
  • Combined with Quencher spark arrestor

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Dust Collectors

Spark Arrestor

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  • Baghouse; compact and large
  • Cartridge (pleated bag) dust collectors
  • Wet dust collector / scrubber
  • Downdraft tables & booths
  • Mobile or Portable fume and dust collectors
  • Most efficient and environmentally friendly solutions in the world
  • Best dollar value on the market
  • Lowest operating and maintenance cost
  • Reduced fire and explosion hazards
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  • Essential for welding, grinding, plasma / laser cutting, furnaces, boilers, flamespray, torch cutting, foundry
  • In-Line device, easy to install and use.
  • Extinguishes and cools sparks and burning embers.
  • Prevents fires and explosions in dust collection systems.
  • Most Effective technology first discovered in the 1960's and re-engineered by QAM in 2003-2004.
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Booster - Duct Cleaner

UNIQUE Retrofits, Consulting, Troubleshooting

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  • Prevents drop-out of dust in ductwork
  • Prevents blockages in pneumatic conveying
  • Boost low flow conditions in ducts
  • Reduce Fire and Explosion hazards in ducts
  • Clean out dust accumulations in spark arrestors and other devices in airstreams
  • Simple, easy to apply duct cleaning mechanism
  • Available in all duct sizes
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  • Retrofit existing dust collectors to the latest technology
  • Reduce dust emmissions by 90% or more
  • Lower power consumption by 25-40%
  • Lower operating cost by up to 75%
  • Increase filter life by 50-80%
  • Service and use half as many filter elements
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  • Troubleshooting Dust Collection System problems
  • Custom System Design and Engineering Service
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Most conventional dust collection systems are inefficient, ecologically unfriendly, high cost to purchase, operate, and maintain. QAM can retrofit most existing dust collectors, supply advanced technology Quencher spark arrestor, wet, cartridge, baghouse dust collectors.